Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel Depeche Mode Playing The Angel

Format: CD
Label: Wea/Warner Bros.
Price: $14.86
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Vendor Description: The first new album from Depeche Mode in four years, its first since 2001's gold and Top 10 Exciter, Playing the Angel is quintessential Depeche Mode-hi-tech electronic pop with enormous hooks-and yet faster paced, more urgent than recent albums. The band has sold upward of 50 million records worldwide during its 25 years, but Playing the Angel sounds as fresh and exciting as any in Depeche Mode's glorious history. Warner. 2005.

Track listing:
1. "A Pain That Iím Used To"
2. "John The Revelator"
3. "Suffer Well"
4. "The Sinner In Me"
5. "Precious"
6. "Macro"
7. "I Want It All"
8. "Nothingís Impossible"
9. "Introspectre"
10. "Damaged People"
11. "Lilian"
12. "The Darkest Star"

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