Le Volume Courbe - I Killed My Best Friend Le Volume Courbe I Killed My Best Friend

Format: CD
Label: Astralwerks
Price: $15.56
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Vendor Description: The work of Charlotte Marionneau, French singer/songwriter who lives in England. Features songs written and recorded with Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Hope Sandoval, David Roback and Colm O'Ciosoig. The album is enhanced and comes with the video of the title track directed by former Beta Band frontman Steve Mason. Album has been described as indie-progressive punk. Powerful songs of innocence and intrigue, not easily forgotten. Honest Johns. 2005.

Track listing:
1. "Harmony"
2. "Papillon De Nuit"
3. "Who Are You?"
4. "I Killed My Best Friend"
5. "I Shall Skip Your Judgement"
6. "Thank You"
7. "Ain't Got no... I Got Life"
8. "Sitting In Your Head"
9. "Through This Time"
10. "Hanging Around"
11. "The Mind Is A Horse"
12. "This & That"
13. "Locareno"

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