Jackson, Papa Charlie Vol.3 (1928-1934)

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Label: Document
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Track listing:
1. "Good Doing Papa Blues"
2. "Ma And Pa Poorhouse Blues"
3. "Big Feeling Blues"
4. "Jungle Man Blues"
5. "Corn Liquor Blues"
6. "Don't Break Down On Me"
7. "Baby Please Loan Me Your Heart"
8. "Dentist Chair Blues-Part 1"
9. "Dentist Chair Blues-Part 2"
10. "Hot Papa Blues-No.2"
11. "We Can't Buy It No More"
12. "Tailor Made Lover"
13. "Take Me Back Blues No.2"
14. "'Tain't What You Do But How You Do It"
15. "Forgotten Blues"
16. "Papa Do Do Do Blues"
17. "I'll Be Gone Babe"
18. "Papa Charlie And Blind Blake Talk About It-Part I"
19. "Papa Charlie And Blind Blake Talk About It-Part II"
20. "You Got That Wrong"
21. "Self Experience"
22. "Skoodle-Um-Skoo"
23. "If I Got What You Want"
24. "What's That Thing She's Shaking?"
25. "You Put It In, I'll Take It Out"

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