Arab Strap - Last Romance Arab Strap Last Romance

Format: CD
Label: Mega Force
Price: $12.99
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Vendor Description: The Scottish rock and post-emo duo Arab Strap return with The Last Romance. This is the band's most aggressive album and retains the abrasive lyrics and stunning melodic beauty. Mega Force. 2006.

Track listing:
1. "Stink"
2. "(If There's) No Hope For Us"
3. "Chat In Amsterdam, Winter 2003"
4. "Don't Ask Me To Dance"
5. "Confessions Of A Big Brother"
6. "Come Round And Love Me"
7. "Speed-Date"
8. "Dream Sequence"
9. "Fine Tuning"
10. "There Is No Ending"
12. "Go Back To The Sea (EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK)"

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