Maria Napoleon Dreams And Reveries

Format: CD
Label: Siesta
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Siesta Description: People who had been waiting since "Algebra Spaghetti" and "Simultaneous ice-cream" for another good fantasy record will be glad to hear that the long drought is over. Dreams and reveries has that vague quality called charm, so often sought and so rarely achieved. The Land of make believe created by Mike Alway and Siesta gradually takes you into the most pleasant dreams. If you believe in fairy tales Maria Napoleon is your godmother.

Genre: Personality quality artpop scat for cinema and fantasy product advertising.

Style: New form of essay album with collage / mosaic structure.

Contents: Songs-monologues-instrumentals-fast cutting-travelogue feel.

Outstanding moments of this montage of dream sequences include "Blue" (a sensuous and strange vocalaise that might just beat "Simon Smith and his amazing dancing bear" to be the shortest hit single in the history of pop), the cinematic flashpan title sequence quality of the title track. the uplifting springtime morning feel of "Im in love with David Candy", the contemplative and luxurious "Bubbly bath" and the escapist "Postcard from Sardinia".

In a fragile crystalline sort of way "Dreams and reveries" evokes the textures of the sophisticated sixties French films but portrayed as dreams in misty glasses. It is a collection of unconventional but dynamic and tasteful songs. One may think that Maria Napoleon is dressed by Givenchy and bejeweled by Cartier. Terribly chic.

In execution it is a complex interweaving of flashbacks, breezy trips, dreams and reveries. It is also a lighthearted and psychedelic exploration of love by a kittenish singer, Miss Napoleon and the in-house record musicians leaded by Jerry Butler. Shazna Nessa (former wife of Nick Currie aka Momus) changes his identity to suit the circumstances as Milky or Maria Napoleon. Now she acts as Maria Napoleon. Her role is to behave as a pixie. However she gives the impression of being sensitive and intermittently amusing.

Dreams and reveries is an artistic piece of craftmanship excelled by the inventive producers Jeremy Butler, John Austin (who also appeared on Songs for the Jet set 2000 vol 3) and Matt Hulse. They contribute with their own songs to the programme: a handsomely wrapped package of childish malevolence and games, charades and dreams within a dream.

Dreams & reveries convincingly illustrates what is different about Reverie. Reverie is pop music as play. Maybe one day all records will be made this way.

Track listing:
1. "Blue"
2. "Dreams And Reverie"
3. "I'm In Love With David Candy"
4. "Bubbly Bath"
5. "Postcard From Sardinia"
6. "Aerial View Of The City"
7. "Tropical Forest (From "The Prisoner")"
8. "Diary Of A Young Man"
9. "Candy On The Inside"
10. "A Wish"

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