Various Artists 25 - A Silver Jubilee

Format: CD
Label: Meller Welle Produkte
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Description: Compilation featuring Watoo Watoo, Crayola Summer, Pristines, Some Rare Footage, Apocalypse Babys, Glaring Surge, Four One And Only's, Ways Of Stephen, Who Moved The Ground?, Flying Nuns, Barny, J.C. Regulator, Tvuzk, Nothing Else, Conspiracy, and the Holsteins.

Track listing:
1. Glaring Surge: "Today ... Please"
2. Glaring Surge: "F.O. Cool People"
3. Apocalypse Babys: "Ain't Ashamed"
4. Apocalypse Babys: "34 Upton Lane"
5. Barny: "Undisputed Beauty Queen"
6. Holsteins: "A Year And A Day"
7. Holsteins: "Count The Stars"
8. Watoo Watoo: "November's Gone"
9. Watoo Watoo: "3 Different Days"
10. Conspiracy: "Corner Club"
11. Tvuzk: "Interactive Baby"
12. Tvuzk: "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World"
13. J.C. Regulator: "There's Always One"
14. Flying Nuns: "Ophrys"
15. Flying Nuns: "Lucybelle"
16. Who Moved The Ground: "Carry On Abroad"
17. Crayola Summer: "Un-Needed"
18. Nothing Else: "Beast Inside"
19. Nothing Else: "On The Way"
20. Ways Of Stephen: "Purple Henry"
21. Some Rare Footage: "Nothing But Ourselves"
22. Some Rare Footage: "Understand"
23. the Pristines: "Feeling Stranger"
24. Four One And Only's: "Here Am I"

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