Libraness Yesterday And Tomorrow's Shells

Format: 12" vinyl
Label: Tiger Style
Price: $9.15
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Description: Former Polvo and Helium guitarist Ash Bowie crafts a full length filled with rough, buzzy and fragile guitars, distorted pianos and low-key vocals... The focus is on the oddly structured, experimental instrumentation.

Track listing:
1. "Intro"
2. "Face On Backwards"
3. "You Are My Foreign Film"
4. "Toy Planetarium"
5. "No Separation"
6. "The Memory"
7. "Richard Petty"
8. "Hit The Horizon"
9. "Grief Mechanism"
10. "Deformed Bridges"
11. "Paper Raft"
12. "Totempole"
13. "24 Hrs."
14. "New And Old Clouds"

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