Casper Fandango And His Tiny Sick Tears How's Your Hand?

Format: CD
Label: Lookit Meee
Price: $10.75
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Description: There are some straight up acoustic pop gems including a great cover of "Tenderness" as well as many quirky, gritty tunes which at times recall XTC. From Athens, GA.

Track listing:
1. "Country Girl!"
2. "Little Lamb Is Terminiator"
3. "All Messed Up Over Girls"
4. "Boll Weevil Song"
5. "Statue Of A Boy"
6. "Tenderness"
7. "The Other Veronica"
8. "Walking Is A Good Idea"
9. "Tiny"
10. "Reset"
11. "Way Out There (Where Space Is)"
12. "Sport (The Odd Boy)"
13. "Mosey Home"
14. "We're All Rock 'N' Roll Godz"

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