the Real Tuesday Weld - L'Amour Et La Morte the Real Tuesday Weld L'Amour Et La Morte

Format: CD-EP
Label: Kindercore
Price: $8.42
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Kindercore Description: Tuesday Weld finally brings his "antique beat" to the American masses. This Londonite blasts off with this CD5 featuring the bigbeat jazz hit title track. This is truly a whole new kind of music. The sounds of the flapper era mingling with modern electronica. This cd takes the old meets the new concept to the next level. Our Mr. Coates is certainly on to something here.

Track listing:
1. "L'Amour Et La Morte"
2. "The Days Of Me And You"
3. "Epitaph For A Dead Uncle (George)"
4. "The Real Tuesday Weld (Weld Mix)"
5. "Blues For Barbara Hepworth"

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