Melodie Group Raincoat

Format: CD-EP
Label: Matinee
Price: $5.32
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Description: Relaxed and classy strum 'n jangle out of the U.K. Very good stuff. 4 songs. Recommended.

Matinee Description: Melodie Group is an evolving project of The Windmills vocalist and guitarist Roy Thirlwall and the perfect outlet for his never-ending creative energies. A time less mix of strummed and jangled guitars, superb vocals, and pure pop melodies on songs about wild dreams, granny dresses, skindiving, suits of armour, French trousers, and swimming pools. With comparisons to early Lloyd Cole, the Go Betweens and Felt, this mini-CD is not to be missed.

Track listing:
1. "You've Got The Whole Of The World In Your Mouth"
2. "Raincoat"
3. "Magic Robot"
4. "Goodbye"

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