Various Artists Surefire Exclusive Label Sampler Spring/Summer 2001

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Track listing:
1. Moviola: "Covers And Pages"
2. Bauer: "Western Trail"
3. Eyesinweasel: "Pure Flesh"
4. Augustus Pablo: "Dub Organizer"
5. Kim Hiorthoy: "Politiska Dikten Atervander"
6. Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: "Universe Of Romance"
7. Fat Day: "Eat Me"
8. the Bristols: "You're A Moody Guy"
9. : "Soul Zodiac"
10. Horace Andy: "Eating Mess"
11. Greg Weeks: "Made"
12. Buttercup: "Breakfast"
13. Impossible Shapes: "Change The Air"
14. Homescience: "Carol K"
15. Jazzkammer: "President Of Improv Shipping Company"
16. : "Cookie"
17. Size: "Sick Buildings"
18. : "Red Ass Tears"
19. DJ Scud: "MTV Generation"
20. Long Decline: "Back To Death"
21. Jason Morphew: "Freak You Out"
22. Wolf Eyes: "Wolf Eyes"

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