Pallers - The Sea of Memories Pallers The Sea of Memories

Format: CD
Label: Labrador
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Labrador Description: After three years spent in apartments, basements, villas and cabins in Pallers, La mar, Stockholm, Miami and Cape Town the duo has completed their debut album "The Sea of Memories". Ten tracks where every influence finds it's place in an ever shimmering mosaic. The wealth of details, the ever growing melodies and epic soundscapes transforms the listening experience into a space voyage of emotional discoveries.

Track listing:
1. "Another Heaven"
2. "Humdrum"
3. "Come Rain, Come Sunshine"
4. "Tropical Fishbowl"
5. "Years Go, Days Pass"
6. "The Kiss"
7. "Sound of Silence"
8. "Wired"
9. "Wicked"
10. "Nights"

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