Modesty Blaise - Melancholia Modesty Blaise Melancholia

Format: CD
Label: Apricot
Price: $10.50
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Track listing:
1. "Chorale"
2. "Carol Mountain"
3. "Old Woman"
4. "My Life Before You Came"
5. "Swivel Chair"
6. "Melancholia (Three Humours)"
7. "Pretty Smart On My Part"
8. "Even In My Darkest Hour Harmonica"
9. "The Little Things You Do Gregory Fell Into His French Horn"
10. "I'm Going Out"
11. "When We Come Of Age The Love Suite Swarm"
12. "Sounds Like Love"
13. "We Are Love"
14. "The Love-In"
15. "Chorale (Reprise)"

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