Various Artists Sofa #1 - Falling And Laughing

Format: CD plus zine
Price: $7.10
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Description: Full colour mini-fanzine (written in Chinese) with a bonus cd containing tracks by Johnny Dee, Gentle Tuesday, Trupen, Brideshead, the Pancakes, Elmo, the Relict, Incredible Rainbow, Dalmations, Micro Mach Machine, Proguru, Volvox, Bobsy, Orange Cake Mix, Richie Thomas, and the Pristines.

Track listing:
1. Johnny Dee: "Blossom World"
2. Gentle Tuesday: "I Never Gonna Love You Again"
3. Trupen: "Starjam"
4. Brideshead: "When I'm In Love"
5. the Pancakes: "Etienne (Acoustic Demo)"
6. Elmo: "Lazarus Part 2"
7. Relict: "Along The Avenue"
8. Incredible Rainbow: "I Wouldn't Change A Thing"
9. Dalmatians: "Tell Me Someone"
10. Micro Mach Machine: "Vimot-Case5"
11. Proguru: "Seasons Just As Colours"
12. Volvox: "?"
13. Bobsy: "Find The Lost Years"
14. Orange Cake Mix: "The Three O'Clock"
15. Richie Thomas: "Automatic Vibrations"
16. the Pristines: "Thought We Were Stars"

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