Various Artists - Lookout! Freakout! Various Artists Lookout! Freakout!

Format: CD
Label: Lookout
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Track listing:
1. "Tomorrow Is a Harsh Mistress [Fom Alcatraz] - Mr. T Experience"
2. "Hook It Up {from Get Skintight} - The Donnas"
3. "Carry on {from Last Wave Rockers} - Common Rider"
4. "Carly Simon {from Fun in the Dark} - The Groovie Ghoulies"
5. "Like a Riot {from To All Our Fallen Heroes} - Ann Beretta"
6. "Phantom Maggot {from Death by Television} - The Lillingtons"
7. "I Want In {from Died for Your Sins} - The Avengers"
8. "Got a Backbelt {from Rogue's March} - American Steel"
9. "City of Lost Children {Where No One Else Knows My Name} - Enemy You"
10. "Ask Beth {from Show Business Is My Life} - Dr. Frank"
11. "Digging a Hole {Active Ingredients} - Citizen Fish"
12. "Acknowledge - Screeching Weasel"
13. "Never Ever {from "Later Days and Better Lays"} - The Queers"
14. "Bomb for the Mainstream {Something More Dangerous} - Moral Crux"
15. "Babydoll {from Accident Waiting to Happen} - The Mopes"
16. "Crip Girl {I'm in Love} - The Jackie Papers"
17. "Love American Style {from Cleveland Bound Death} - Cleveland Bound Death Sentence"
18. "Flying Buttress [*] - The Smugglers"
19. "Wine in a Box - Black Cat Music"
20. "Better Days - Ann Beretta"
21. "Signal, Signal [Alternate Version] - Common Rider"
22. "Write off Today - Squirtgun"
23. "Used to Turn Me On [Demo Version] - Pansy Division"
24. "Free Bird - The Groovie Ghoulies"

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