Various Artists U.S. Pop Life v.8 North East: Journey To End Of Twilight

Format: CD
Label: Contact
Price: $13.28
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Description: Featuring Seana Carmody, the Lilys, Purple Ivy Shadows, Aspera Ad Astra, Rainer Maria, Buttercup, Elk City, Rebuilthangartheory, The Eyesores, Need New Body, etc.

Track listing:
1. Buttercup: "Head In The Sand"
2. Rainer Maria: "Artificial Light"
3. Lilys: "The Any Several Sundays"
4. the Princeton Reverbs Colonial: "Ascend In Faith"
5. Solar Saturday: "I Want More"
6. Elk City: "Love's Like A Bomb"
7. Rebuilthangartheory: "Faux Crier (The Glycerine Tear)"
8. Capital City: "The Sound"
9. Plymouth Rock: "The List"
10. Seana Carmody: "Why Does The Sun Forget Me?"
11. Aspera Ad Astra: "Bring Back The Walls"
12. Background: "Slow Glide"
13. Bridget: "Nothing I Can Say"
14. Need New Body: "Black Kite; Death March Skull"
15. Abunai!: "Barbara Allen"
16. Lenola: "Cast Your Lines"
17. Purple Ivy Shadows: "Half-Read No End"
18. the Eyesores: "Shopping Cart"

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