Antarctica 81:03

Format: CD
Label: File 13
Price: $15.05
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File 13 Description: Antarctica has found atmosphere. 81:03, etches their drifts through scopes of textured electronic tones, progressive arrangements of lush melody and dynamic harmonies, and the fervor of their live performance. Antarctica blends the swooning syncopated pop of New Order and the deep hypnotics of Underworld with their indie heritage. The ambiance that distinguishes Antarctica is captured on this double CD for generations of the inverse world to come.

Track listing:
1. "Absence"
2. "Tower of Silence"
3. "Velvet Flood"
4. "Return to Omma Dawn"
5. "Chrome Selected"
6. "Ultra NøRSK"
7. "Hallucinus"
8. "Tektur the Water"
9. "Exisis"
10. "7759-60784-1-E"
11. "Arctikal"

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