Motion Picture - Every Last Romance Motion Picture Every Last Romance

Format: CD
Label: Words On Music
Price: $8.95
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Description: Delicate guitars, and dreamy male vocals. With song titles like "Fond Affections for Kaye" and "She Talked, Laughed, and Walked Away" this disc is a pretty experience even before you take a listen to its Belle And Sebastian-like sounds.

Track listing:
1. "Every Last Romance"
2. "Who You Are Is Not Who You Were"
3. "A Brief Look At The Unfaithful"
4. "While I Walk You Home"
5. "Fond Affections For Kaye"
6. "A Round Sour Morning"
7. "Forgetting My Schoolboy Charm"
8. "I Can't Write Love Letters"
9. "Jane, The Neighbor"
10. "She Talked, Laughed, And Walked Away"

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