Feverdream You Don't Know Us, But We Know Who You Are

Format: CD
Label: Satellite
Price: $8.28
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Description: Re-released material from their earlier records, along with new material,this album from the Melbourne, Australia rockers features stormy, sometimes dreamy guitars and male vocals which sometimes are a tad too much in the grungy vain for twee kitten tastes, but if you're looking for something punky and heavier crossing say, a Verve with Bob Mould, then bingo!

Track listing:
1. "Never Letting Go (version)"
2. "In Way Over"
3. "No Stone Unturned"
4. "Wide Awake"
5. "Vortex"
6. "Britzky"
7. "Fray"
8. "Batch 32"
9. "Camera Shy"
10. "Martyr"
11. "No Stone Unturned (version)"

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