Various Artists It's A Damned Damned Damned World

Format: CD
Label: Satellite
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Description: 24 bands from around the world cover songs by the greatest punk band ever--The Damned!

Track listing:
1. Million Six: "Life Goes On"
2. Regale Moi: "New Rose"
3. La Cry: "Liar"
4. Cheeseburger: "So Messed Up"
5. Stimpy: "Shadow Of Love"
6. Los Guarriors: "Love Song"
7. Steve And The Jerks: "Fan Club"
8. Sex Sex Sex: "Plan 9 Channel 7"
9. Hates: "See Her Tonite"
10. Haymaker L.A.: "Antipope"
11. Punica Oasis: "Dozen Girls"
12. Closed 3rd Eye: "Problem Child"
13. Alchemysts: "Edward The Bear"
14. Gin Goblins: "13th Floor Vendetta"
15. Garganta: "I Just Can't Be Happy Today"
16. the Red King: "The History Of The World Part 1"
17. Senor No: "Melody Lee"
18. the L.O.P.: "Born To Kill"
19. Bride Just Died: "Suicide"
20. Mortifer: "Testify"
21. Strange Parcel Routine: "Rabid (Over You)"
22. the Vermin: "Nasty"
23. Finc: "Wait For The Blackout"
24. Bliss In The Cist: "Anything"

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