Devics - If You Forget Me ... Devics If You Forget Me ...

Format: CD
Label: Pid
Price: $12.00
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Description: Somewhat Tarnation-like mood music with exquisite female vocals that are split between emblazoned heartache and breathy ethereal. The guitars are feverish, reverberating and exotic. The piano is haunting... It's post-modern meets old fashion. Recommended!

Track listing:
1. "Prelude"
2. "Blue Miss Sunday"
3. "Three"
4. "Birdback"
5. "Form"
6. "Afraid Of Loving You"
7. "Firehead"
8. "Key"
9. "Opus 7"
10. "Spooky"
11. "Heaven Please"
12. "Siren Song"
13. "With The Voice Of A Girl Who Still Hasn't Learned"
14. "If You Forget Me"

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