Janine Rae - Stop, I'm Conscious Janine Rae Stop, I'm Conscious

Format: CD
Label: J9 Music
Price: $15.25
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Description: Radiant, ravishing, airy, but accessible. Janine has a voice that is pure, familiar and charming, yet sprinkled with divine exoticism... A lovely and rewarding full-lengther.

Track listing:
1. "Lost Treasure"
2. "Primordial Soup"
3. "Don't Leave Me Without Looking Back"
4. "We'll Be Sages"
5. "Along"
6. "Blue Glass Baby"
7. "Collision"
8. "Theories Of Love"
9. "Mother"
10. "Carousel"
11. "The Place"
12. "Darkness Keeps The Holy Man Sane"
13. "Sister"

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