Various Artists - SacPop Compilation Various Artists SacPop Compilation

Format: CD
Label: Poprockit
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Description: 19 songs of pop (and a little punk) from 15 Sacramento groups including the Pilgrims, Skirts, Little Tin Frog, etc.

Track listing:
1. David Houston: "Cara"
2. Little Tin Frog: "Just A Baby"
3. the Pilgrims: "Control Song"
4. Go National: "Mess Girl, Best Girl"
5. Starry Eyes: "Little Innocent One"
6. Piccolo Music: "Alison J"
7. the Skirts: "Mistake"
8. Onelinedrawing: "Tricky"
9. Floppias: "Let's Go Bowling"
10. Beatrice 9: "Tides"
11. Anton Barbeau: "Please Look At My Teeth"
12. the Micronauts: "Scott"
13. Natalie Cortez And The Ultraviolets: "New Year"
14. 100 Acre Wood: "December Day"
15. the Pilgrims: "Magedy And Tragedy"
16. Starry Eyes: "Tasty Freez"
17. Piccolo Music: "Roller Rink"
18. Little Tin Frog: "The Cigarette Song"
19. Dr. Audrey Ste. Violet: "Love Of You And Me"

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