Various Artists Just A Taste - A Summershine Records Compilation

Format: CD
Label: Slumberland
Price: $12.09
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Description: 18 song compilation with the Sugargliders, Autohaze, Earthmen, Blindside, etc! It's jam-packed with Australian noise/jangle pop.

Track listing:
1. the Sugargliders: "Give Me Some Confidence"
2. Tender Engines: "Girl From The Hinterland"
3. Autohaze: "Hanging Around"
4. the Earthmen: "Stacey's Cupboard"
5. Blindside: "To Be Found"
6. Tender Engines: "A Legend Never Fails"
7. the Rainyard: "Hell Bent Suicidal Over You Baby"
8. the Sugargliders: "Police Me"
9. Blindside: "Ether"
10. Jupiter: "Lost"
11. Autohaze: "Undecided"
12. Tender Engines: "Pop Song I"
13. the Rainyard: "1,000 Years"
14. Ripe: "We're All Trying To Get Somewhere"
15. the Sugargliders: "Sway"
16. Jupiter: "Leave The Ground"
17. Afterglow: "Fall Behind"
18. the Earthmen: "Too Far Down"

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