Emily's Sassy Lime Desperate, Scared, But Social

Format: CD
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Price: $10.30
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Track listing:
1. "Would-Be Saboteurs Take Heed"
2. "Would-Be Saboteurs Take Heed"
3. "Other People Would Be Suspicious of You"
4. "24 Hour Ride"
5. "Mr. Moneybag$"
6. "Kid's Stuff"
7. "There's a Snake in the Steakhouse"
8. "Save Yr. Drama for Yr. Mama"
9. "Transistor No Way"
10. "G.Q. Pimp Theme Song"
11. "Psychopolis"
12. "G.U.S.T.O. -G Does Not Stand for Geriatric"
13. "Not in the Biblical Sense"
14. "Cadillac Stinger"
15. "Hey You With the Crumby Face"
16. "Superior Threat"

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