Sore Loser Is Out To Save The World

Format: CD
Label: Act Your Age
Price: $9.60
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Description: Houston, TX punk-rock/thought-pop idealist trio.

Track listing:
1. "Save The World"
2. "Automaton"
3. "Doctor's Office"
4. "I Can"
5. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"
6. "Stacey Is An Athiest"
7. "Post-Catholic Funeral"
8. "Twenty-Nine Palms"
9. "Wind-Up Plastic Fuckers"
10. "Edgar"
11. "Smoke Alarm"
12. "Food Stamps"
13. "In Dog Years"
14. "On The DL"
15. "Digging His Own Grave"
16. "Eyes On The Prize"
17. "The End"

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