Magoo - The Soateramic Sounds Of Magoo Magoo The Soateramic Sounds Of Magoo

Format: CD
Label: Chemikal Undergrond
Price: $13.53
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Track listing:
1. "The Starter's Gun"
2. "A To Z And Back Again"
3. "Your Only Friend"
4. "Telling You Lies"
5. "Red Lines (Are Fine)"
6. "The Guilt Club"
7. "The Advantage Of Noise"
8. "Have You Heard?"
9. "The Sociel Event Of The Year"
10. "Soaterama"
11. "The Queen Of The 8-Bus Singers"
12. "It's Not Going To Stop"
13. "Hello..."
14. "Playing Cards With The Stars"
15. "British Cars"
16. "This Red Earth"
17. "Say Goodnight"
18. "Lonely Legionairre"
19. "Careering Dice (A Loose Dear Santa)"
20. "Melodra"
21. "Bebe Alights"
22. "Dutch Dynamico"
23. "Train Of Thought"

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