Various Artists Paint With Sound, A Deep Reverb Compilation

Format: CD
Label: Deep Reverb
Price: $9.50
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Description: 10 track indie-rock compilation, including Zoothead, Jenn Mawhinney, Charming, more...

Track listing:
1. 5 State Drive: "Sums"
2. 45 Spiders: "Lolo Already"
3. Absolutely Boxspring: "Through The Day"
4. Brilliantine: "Just Fails"
5. Charming: "Mississippi"
6. I See Spots: "Heard My Name"
7. Jenn Mawhinney: "So Beautiful"
8. Smartbomb: "Wouldn't You Like To Know"
9. Wepplo Snow Pup: "Superwonder"
10. Zoothead: "Shudder"

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