Various Artists 3 Minute Revolution

Format: CD
Label: RPM USA
Price: $8.28
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Description: 25 song powerpop/cuddly jangle-pop/rock and roll compilation with many fine tracks all under 3 minutes in length. Includes the Shambles, Ciao Bella, the Bardots, the Meanwhiles, Vinyl Devotion, the Revelers, etc.

Track listing:
1. the Montgomery Cliffs: "She Said"
2. the Rockinghams: "Played A Trick"
3. Swingset Police: "54321!"
4. Wunderband: "Sandy To The Stars"
5. the Shambles: "Delve Into Everything"
6. the Revelers: "Bonded To You"
7. Dark Side: "Lamented Love"
8. Douglas Chay: "Vacuum"
9. Vinyl Devotion: "Something Bit Me"
10. the Marmalades: "Republican Jerk"
11. the Meanwhiles: "Everyone Is Special"
12. the Pleasantries: "Innocence, Ignorance"
13. the Jigsaws: "Three Days"
14. the Jennifers: "You're My Star"
15. the put-outs: "Junior High Girl Drunk"
16. Serene Dominic And The Semi-Finalists: "Mr. Maybe"
17. Kevin Bowie: "Just Good Friends"
18. Ciao Bella: "Meet The Great Life"
19. Mudwheel: "Forgiven"
20. the Bardots: "Gloriole"
21. Oral Groove: "Fan The Flame"
22. Planet 10: "Metro Park"
23. Ward Morgan: "Hummingbird"
24. Sidedoor Johnnies: "Bread 1977"
25. the appleseeds: "A Song Called Bye"

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