Various Artists Fuzzy Logic

Format: CD
Label: RPM USA
Price: $8.28
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Description: 26 tracks of fuzzy garage rock swagger, by the likes of the Walking Screams, Lunchbox, Rockinghams, Dweebs, Sharing Patrol, Montgomery Cliffs, Letdowns, etc.

Track listing:
1. Dragline: "Full Grown Man"
2. the Sharing Patrol: "Derailed"
3. the Walking Screams: "And I Know"
4. Serene Dominic And The Semi-Finalists: "$100 Weekend"
5. Max Mueller: "Right Time"
6. the Walkers: "Crown, Cork And Stomp"
7. the Piersons: "She's The Kind Of Girl"
8. Big Bad Johns: "Double Wide"
9. the Beltways: "West Virginia Bound"
10. Latimer: "Citizen Jive"
11. Yak!: "El Nino"
12. the Vermin: "Girl Says No"
13. Adam West: "Beauty"
14. X-Impossibles: "Murder Mystery"
15. the Montgomery Cliffs: "Walk With Me"
16. Lunchbox: "Insane"
17. the Botswanas: "Soul Kiss"
18. Cinnamon Toast: "The Astrid Jangle"
19. the Feends: "Ghost Train"
20. the Letdowns: "Hot Topic"
21. Bucket: "Instinctive"
22. the Hippycrickets: "Matter Of Time"
23. the Bent Sceptors: "All Around The World"
24. the Dweebs: "Girl Called Maybe"
25. the Rockinghams: "Rock And Roll Girlfriend"
26. Garage Sale: "One More Time"

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