Various Artists Mystique - A Benefit For The AIDS Action Committee

Format: CD
Label: Sealed Fate
Price: $10.30
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Description: Benefit compilation featuring Honeybunch, Garlands, Beachwood Sparks, Sleepyhead, Purple Ivy Shadows, Future Bible Heroes, Telegenic, Minstrels, Push Kings, etc.

Track listing:
1. Beachwood Sparks: "Sweet Julie Ann"
2. Purple Ivy Shadows: "Secret's Out"
3. Garlands: "Bird On The Make"
4. Astrud: "Personal Mi Fracaso"
5. the Fly Seville: "The Taj Mahal Of America"
6. the Minstrels: "Moorea"
7. Sleepyhead: "Pop Quiz"
8. Telegenic: "Guardian Angel"
9. the Push Kings: "The Last Summer"
10. Dopo Yume with MC Gnome: "Egyptian Funk"
11. Future Bible Heroes: "Lonely Days (Charnock Richard Remix)"
12. Tyde: "Doll Of The Valley"
13. Honeybunch: "Everything To Everyone"
14. Barbara Brousal: "I'll Say It"
15. the Essex Green: "Orchardton"

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