Stereolab - Switched On Stereolab Stereolab Switched On Stereolab

Format: CD
Label: Too Pure
Price: $11.85
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Description: This was out of print for awhile, at least in the US. It was the first Stereolab rarities comp and thus the inspiration for Refried Ectoplasm and Aluminum Tunes. Recommended for fans of bubbly bloops and bleeps, female exotic euro-vocals and 1970s German engineering-pop.

Track listing:
1. "Super-Electric"
2. "Doubt"
3. "Au Grand Jour"
4. "The Way Will Be Opening"
5. "Brittle"
6. "Contact"
7. "Au Grand Jour"
8. "High Expectation"
9. "The Light That Will Cease To Fail"
10. "Changer"

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