Tim Best - Promising Boyfriend Tim Best Promising Boyfriend

Format: CD
Label: Parasol Records
Price: $11.51
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Parasol Description: A new pop album from Parasol's favorite Australian fellow, supremely beautiful and strong-willed guitar-pop created by Tim, most recently known as Hispana Tim (Parasol), and the leader of Girl Of The World (Parasol) with Bart and Cameron from the Cat's Miaow.

Track listing:
1. "3 Chord Song"
2. "Promising Boyfriend"
3. "Girl Trouble"
4. "Slow Down"
5. "Casino"
6. "Dusky Doll"
7. "A Quick One"
8. "Sad And Lonely"
9. "My Bad Ways"
10. "DC-10"
11. "Star Guide"

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