the Squires Of The Subterrain Pop In A CD

Format: CD
Label: Rocket Racket
Price: $8.28
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Description: Excellent collection of songs spanning the past 10 years! This essentially solo recording project is way heavy on the Beach Boys influence, complete with surf songs, and divine use of classical instrumentation lifting these songs into the stratosphere of pop eroticism!? Other tracks feature extremely giddy fuzz pop genius. Extremely Highly Recommended especially for fans of XTC, Apples In Stereo, Beach Boys, Dealership, Scott Brookman, High Llamas, yadayadayada!

Track listing:
1. "Theme Song"
2. "Intoxicating Violet"
3. "Admiral Albert's Apparition"
4. "Small Town Girl"
5. "Auto Reverse"
6. "East Coast Surfin'"
7. "Pack Up Your Boards"
8. "She Fell Down"
9. "Hello, Good Morning"
10. "Scrapbook"
11. "Mrs. Maude"
12. "Into A Void"
13. "Leave It Up To Pam"
14. "Beneficiary KIte"
15. "Stained Glass Summer"
16. "View Mobile"
17. "Sarah"
18. "Blind Date"

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