Various Artists Big Trouble In River City

Format: CD
Label: Coming In Second
Price: $8.28
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Description: 20 Song compilation of Boise-area bands. Includes the Yukon And You, Geyser, Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra, Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive, Cure For Hiccups, Grant Avenue, D.O.L.L., Discoma, etc. The music ranges from experimental to surf to technoid to metal to punk to sugarpop. Plus a good chunk of the money goes to Helping Hand.

Track listing:
1. Geyser: "Tinfoil"
2. D.O.L.L.: "Surf For Surf's Sake"
3. 25 Wheeler: "Pushing A Rock"
4. Gordie Howe: "Trio Unit Jacob Unit"
5. Discoma: "Aggro"
6. Magnetics: "Choke It Down"
7. Summerjack: "Already"
8. Rank Review: "10:33"
9. the Yukon And You: "Alien Girl"
10. Plumb Bob: "Jerusalem Cricket"
11. Curious Bystanders: "Are Cartoons Not People"
12. Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive: "No More Nu Wave"
13. Mad Cow Disease: "Lo-Cool"
14. Scarred For Life: "Glory Hogs"
15. the Parvum: "Sunny"
16. Bonefish Sam And His Power Orchestra: "Every Toy I Ever Owned"
17. Saint Red Star N.A.: "Read Your Horoscope"
18. Cure For Hiccups: "Like A Punk Rock Song"
19. Bock: "Dead By Christmas"
20. Grant Avenue: "Come Here"

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