Various Artists - Alright, This Time, Just The Girls Various Artists Alright, This Time, Just The Girls

Format: CDx2
Label: SFTRI
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Description: 48 song double-CD Girlgroup collection! Includes Candypants, April March, the Muffs, Hole, the Barbarellas, the Friggs, Banana Erectors, Pussy Crush, Thee Headcoatees, Lunachicks, Trinket, Electrocutes, Free Kitten, the Shitbirds, Geraldine Fibbers, Supersnazz, the Chubbies and lots lots lots more!! Recommended!!

Track listing:
1. the Muffs: "I Don't Like You"
2. Banana Erectors: "Fed Up With High School Days"
3. the Grown Ups: "Nick And Nick"
4. Detroit Cobras: "Ain't Hittin' On Nothin'"
5. Candypants: "Dishy"
6. the Friggs: "Shake"
7. Supersnazz: "Baby Love"
8. the Chubbies: "When I Was Your Girlfriend"
9. Sacred Miracle Cave: "The Ghost Of Elizabeth Shaw"
10. the Barbarellas: "Happy Days"
11. Lunachicks: "Shit Finger Dick"
12. the Eyeliners: "Six Years"
13. Lo-hi: "Put A Sock In It"
14. Holly Golightly: "Anyway You Like It"
15. April March: "Cet Air-La"
16. Buck: "My Fascination"
17. Hole: "Retard"
18. the Bags: "Survive"
19. Starpower: "I'm Sorry"
20. the Revillos: "Your Baby's Gone"
21. April March And The Makers: "Sad Little Bug"
22. the Neptunas: "Davy Jones Liquor Locker"
23. Red Aunts: "Terri Man"
24. Calamity Jane: "My Spit"
25. the Shitbirds: "I Want You"
26. the 5, 6, 7, 8s: "Bomb The Twist"
27. Trinket: "Happy Right This Second"
28. Fur: "I'm Not Coming"
29. Thee Headcoatees: "Ca Plane Pour Moi"
30. the Haves: "Coal Black"
31. the Trip: "Help Me"
32. Inger Lorre And Motel Shootout: "Burn"
33. Geraldine Fibbers: "Toybox"
34. Penobarbidols: "Theresa"
35. Third Grade Teacher: "Fear Of A Boy"
36. Free Kitten: "Oh Bondage Up Yours"
37. Stool Pigeons: "I'm Into Something Good"
38. April March And Los Cincos: "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind"
39. the Cougars: "Brain Cactus"
40. the Honeymoon Killers: "Mad Woman Blues"
41. Electrocutes: "Eggnog"
42. Dark Carnival: "Heaven Can Wait"
43. Little Porkchop: "Mean, Mean Man"
44. the Pebbles: "Sitting By A Window"
45. Earl Lee Grace: "Together"
46. Pussy Crush: "Burn Your World Down"
47. Candy 500: "Keep It In The Hole"
48. Satan's Cheerleaders: "I've Got Levitation"

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