Various Artists Aperitivo

Format: CD
Label: Siesta
Price: $12.75
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Description: 14 song compilation with La Buena Vida, Red Sleeping Beauty, Moving Pictures, Arabesque, El Joven Bryan Superstar, Daily Planet, Minema, Club 8, They Go Boom!!, Tramway, and Pastel Collision.

Track listing:
1. Daily Planet: "Dino Campana"
2. Arabesque: "The Boy From Brazil"
3. La Buena Vida: "Menta Y Agua"
4. Pastel Collision: "Wherever You Go, Take Me With You"
5. El Joven Bryan Superstar: "El Vuelo Largo"
6. Tramway: "Gianni Bugno Wheels"
7. Moving Pictures: "Hummingbird"
8. Red Sleeping Beauty: "Sick And Tired"
9. They Go Boom!!: "This Gift"
10. La Buena Vida: "Magnesia"
11. Daily Planet: "Vacaciones En Roma"
12. Club 8: "Before I Came"
13. Minema: "Plastic Glam"
14. El Joven Bryan Superstar: "En El Club"

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