Various Artists Minmae/Electroscope split

Format: 12" vinyl LP
Label: Airborne Virus
Price: $9.50
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Description: Minmae - not to be confused with Minema - do lofi fuzz-feedback-dreampop... dark and dungeonous... On the flipside, Electroscope do fabulously laid back ambient/ether-pop... charming, wispy female vocals. LP packaged in unique, handmade anti-fashion raw cardboard environment.

Track listing:
1. Minmae: "Minus Cause"
2. Minmae: "Dismal Places"
3. Minmae: "So Much Less"
4. Minmae: "Mercurial Impasse"
5. Minmae: "The Single Cell Girls Are Squeaky Clean..."
6. Minmae: "The Drinking Clowns"
7. Minmae: "Nows The Time..."
8. Electroscope: "Cloud Ear"
9. Electroscope: "Squink"
10. Electroscope: "Witch's Hat"
11. Electroscope: "Ears Will Spin"
12. Electroscope: "Kildonan"
13. Electroscope: "Velvet Twilight"
14. Electroscope: "Someday Soon"
15. Electroscope: "Toledo Trio"
16. Electroscope: "Molten You, Gamma Me"

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