Barcelona - Simon Basic Barcelona Simon Basic

Format: CD
Label: March
Price: $10.44
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Description: Breezy guy/gal vocaled pop with pre-Internet explosion computer hacking themes... a nerd's delight! Very smart and highly recommended, especially for fans of Kevin Mitnick, subscribers to 2600, and those who can count in hexadecimal effortlessly...

March Records Description: Their first record is a doozy. Songs for the Commodore 64 generation, Simon Basic captures the new wave thrill of Human League, B-Movie, and current heroes The Rentals & Wolfie. Jen, Ivan, Jason, & Christian are the four DC popsters to be and they've enlisted Trevor hOLLAND to twiddle knobs and Mark Robinson to TeenBeat the Graphica. What a way to enter the indie-pop sweepstakes!

Track listing:
1. "Why Do You Have So Much Fun Without Me?"
2. "Sunshine Delay"
3. "Indian Names"
4. "C-64"
5. "Fabled Age"
6. "Space Guy Blues"
7. "I Know What You Think Of Me"
8. "1/2"
9. "Unreal"
10. "Summer Songs"
11. "The Downside Of Computer Camp"

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