Various Artists Scandalized Traumatized And Baptized

Format: vinyl LP x 2
Label: Paroxysm
Price: $10.75
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Description: 23 song double LP compilation with Yummy Fur, Makeshift Conspiracy, the I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret Hideout, Golden Starlet, the Turn-Offs, the Sarcastic Bitch, Milky Wimpshake, and many more.

Track listing:
1. the Turn-Offs: "Sex Emergency"
2. Complete Sentences: "Elementary Dilemma"
3. Golden Starlet: "4th Best Babe"
4. Deep Lust: "Feel Yer Way"
5. Lucid Nation: "Escapabilities"
6. Bald Mermaid With Deep Kiss: "Large Bird With Human Front"
7. the Sarcastic Bitch: "Fiend For The Scene"
8. Wack Cat: "All Grrrl Band"
9. Steak-Knife: "Pokerface"
10. Milky Wimpshake: "This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)"
11. Red Eye: "You've Got Power"
12. Coping Saw: "Hot-Wire"
13. Learning 2 Play: "Milagra"
14. the I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret Hideout: "Figure 8"
15. I'm Being Good: "Duped-Bislint"
16. Link: "Inside"
17. the Yummy Fur: "Young Fucks"
18. Dig Yr. Grave: "The Real Bloodtwin ("Just Call Me Ringo")"
19. Small Black Pig: "The Lady Died"
20. Small Things: "Straightedgeuberalles"
21. Goodnite Moon: "Surrealia"
22. the Makeshift Conspiracy: "Cross Yr Fingers"
23. Vestpocket Psalm: "Ophelia"

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