Salako Musicality

Format: CD
Label: Never
Price: $10.98
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Track listing:
1. "Bird and the Bag"
2. "Green Is the Colour of Evil"
3. "Come! Follow Me"
4. "Truth in Me"
5. "Cloning of Fudadeg Ulag"
6. "Arts and Crafts"
7. "Devil's Feet Lullaby"
8. "Look Left"
9. "Look Right"
10. "Maybe We Will Find the Divine Cult"
11. "Do It Yourself"
12. "Waiting and Thinking"
13. "Bedtime Astronomy"
14. "Finger Exercise No. 1"
15. "Cult of Winter"
16. "I'll Be There (When You're Down)"
17. "Magicality"

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