Various Artists Music - Sound, Volume 5

Format: CD
Label: Mood Swing
Price: $9.50
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Description: 20 track compilation with Emulsion, Fabulous Disaster, the Chirps, TCG, K On The Moon, Detroit Sex Drive, Yummy Junk, Annie Scram, etc.

Track listing:
1. Emulsion: "Photo Voltaic"
2. 4FR: "Monorail"
3. Annnie Scram: "Air Wave Intelligence"
4. Mike Wilkinson: "You Said"
5. Chirps: "Jingle Jangle"
6. Bob The Singing Bass Player: "Batteries"
7. Yummy Junk: "5th Grade Room"
8. Annie Scram: "The Return Trip"
9. Medusa Cyclone: "Orangeman"
10. Stretch: "Phase II"
11. Fabulous Disaster: "My Static"
12. TCG: "Rock N Roll Child"
13. Megablom: "Delta"
14. Yummy Junk: "Hole"
15. Calument: "Bawl"
16. Mike Wilkinson: "Behind The Tree"
17. Chirps: "Wire Hoops"
18. TCG: "Into Love Tonight"
19. K On The Moon: "Going Out"
20. Detroit Sex Drive: "Got A Light"

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