Various Artists - Pop American Style Various Artists Pop American Style

Format: CD
Label: March
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Description: 40 song pop comp with Aberdeen, Poundsign, Shoestrings, Rocketship, Racecar, Beanpole, Holiday Flyer, the Christines, Syrup USA, Cub, Orange Cake Mix, etc.

Track listing:
1. Shoestrings: "Summer Days"
2. Rocketship: "Hey, Hey, Girl"
3. Cub: "Howard"
4. Holiday: "It's Only Love"
5. Verbena: "Old Junk For Fashion"
6. the Heartworms: "No Way, No Way"
7. Sissybar: "Bellman"
8. Superdrag: "Sold You An Alibi"
9. Allen Clapp And His Orchestra: "Didn't You Know?"
10. Beanpole: "I'd Know You Anywhere"
11. My Favorite: "Go Kid Go"
12. Syrup USA: "Thrill Fit"
13. the Receptionists: "Soren Loved Regina"
14. Dunebuggy: "Pelican"
15. Orange Cake Mix: "Fresh Coffee"
16. Racecar: "Your Kind"
17. the Dupont Circles: "Everywhere Girl"
18. Elf Power: "Spectators"
19. Aberdeen: "Marine Parade (for Keith Blueboy)"
20. the Push Kings: "Memphis"
21. Salteen: "Green Light"
22. Further: "Day To Day"
23. Poundsign: "Starry Night"
24. Holiday Flyer: "Every Once And Awhile"
25. Kleenex Girl Wonder: "Mercy"
26. Bunnygrunt: "Inanimate Objects"
27. Vehicle Flips: "O Tedium"
28. the Seashell Sea: "Lost And Found"
29. Godzuki: "Who's Gonna Hold The Rope"
30. All About Chad: "Japanese Couple In Reverse"
31. Motorhome: "Magic"
32. Igloo: "Five Hours"
33. Tullycraft: "Piano Lessons For Beauty Queens"
34. Kickstand: "New Year's Day"
35. Tizzy: "Security Blanket"
36. the Lefties: "Red Roses"
37. Red Dye No. 5: "Redo"
38. Pee: "Turn Key One"
39. the Christines: "Secret Song"
40. Flowchart: "Ageism"

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