Blue Kite Aleatoric

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Description: Blue Kite is a studio-collaboration between many persons, but primarily composed of three members of legendary Oxford, England popgroup the Anyways (Andy, Mark and Pete), and their friend Liz. The songs are relaxed and hypnotic, with cool female vocals, and occasional male backing vocals. Haunting cello, floaty flute, bouncy trumpet, friendly keyboards, seductive bass, timely drums, and jangly guitar make up the charming instrumentation. Highly Recommended!!

Track listing:
1. "Only Your Dreams"
2. "Learning By Coincidence"
3. "The Intimate Company Of Strangers"
4. "Freeze Frame"
5. "Chase Away The Moon"
6. "A Song For Me"
7. "Squandered"
8. "Some Casual Enchantment"
9. "Walking To New York"
10. "Curl"
11. "Something Blue"
12. "Arc-Weld"
13. "Packet Of Dreams"

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