B'ehl - Bright Eyes B'ehl Bright Eyes

Format: CD
Label: Endearing
Price: $10.25
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Description: Crisp, warm guitar-strum tunes with breezy female vocals, with some fun fuzzy-punk thrown in too. Let's call it a cross between country and sugar-pop -- recommended for it's many delights and ever-present charm!

Track listing:
1. "So Much More"
2. "I'm Sorry For Being Such A Crappy Friend"
3. "Waiting For June"
4. "This I Know"
5. "My Favourite Part"
6. "Pink Star"
7. "Red And Blue"
8. "Mies Please"
9. "What It's Like"
10. "Closure"
11. "See What You See"
12. "Geography"

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