Various Artists Pop's Not Dead - Songs From Sacramento

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Description: Nineteen song pop comp featuring 19 Sacramento-area artists including Gazupie, Little Tin Frog, Sparklejet, Elena Powell, Lookyloos, Kevin Seconds, Hannah Lingrell, etc.

Track listing:
1. Sparklejet: "Comes To This"
2. Anton Barbeau: "Third Eye"
3. Onelinedrawing: "15.000"
4. Gazupie: "Roads Into Rivers"
5. Jackpot: "La-La Land"
6. Hannah Lingrell: "Dream About The Ocean"
7. Kevin Seconds: "Down"
8. David Houston: "Evie"
9. Little Tin Frog: "You Know Everything"
10. Jacuzzi: "And Then Some"
11. Dana Gumbiner: "Sounds Of The Studio"
12. the Browns: "Super Duper"
13. David Barton: "Say What You Say"
14. Elena Powell: "Music Game"
15. Lookyloos: "Spanish Castles"
16. Caron Vikre: "Hurt"
17. Gears: "Hey! Hey! I'm Excited!"
18. Deimos: "Waiting At The Door"
19. Sean Bollinger: "Gramma's Making Breakfast"

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