Tullycraft - Old Traditions, New Standards Tullycraft Old Traditions, New Standards

Format: CD
Label: Darla Records
Price: $10.44
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Darla Records Description: Old Traditions, New Standards is a classic indie-pop record originally released in 1996 on the wonderful Harriet Records label of Cambridge, MA. and Little Teddy label of Munich, Germany. Both labels have long since sold out of this title. Many people have asked us for it over the years and the time wass right to re-issue. We now proudly include this all time favorite in the Darla catalog and offer it again to all the world!

Track listing:
1. "Willie Goes To The Seashore"
2. "Josie"
3. "Mental Obsession"
4. "Wish I'd Kept A Scrap Book"
5. "Superboy And Supergirl"
6. "Sweet"
7. "Dollywood"
8. "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About"
9. "Then Again, Maybe I Don't"
10. "Meet Me In Las Vegas"
11. "Cammy And The Count"
12. "Miracles Are Hard To Find"

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