Girlboy Girl Fresco

Format: CD
Label: Blackbean And Placenta
Price: $9.95
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Track listing:
1. "Teenage"
2. "Should We Or Shouldn't We?"
3. "The Load Gets Lighter"
4. "Swim"
5. "Match Head"
6. "Another Me"
7. "You Won't Add It Up"
8. "Short Attention Span"
9. "Please Wait While We Try To Connect You"
10. "Pretend"
11. "Spite"
12. "Still Pregnant"
13. "Path Via 91"
14. "You Don't Know What You Want But You Know You Want It"
15. "Everything Is Real"
16. "Recover Version"
17. "Reinheitsgebot"
18. "Teen (Aged)"
19. "Hang It Up"

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