Wallpaper Honing The Spectacular

Format: CD
Label: Blackbean And Placenta
Price: $10.21
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Darla Description: A sexalicious romp through the sprawling death maze of modern times featuring low fidelity ramblings and beat buttering by Pacific northwest miscreants, Wallpaper! Ex-New Bad Thing w/ Steward meets Elephant 6 sensibilities. Swirly guitar and backwards beats galore.

Track listing:
1. "Present"
2. "Meat Fantasy"
3. "On A Reverb Playground"
4. "Balance"
5. "Trust"
6. "Syncopatico-7"
7. "Mobile"
8. "Mephisto's Habit"
9. "Down The Wagon Trail"
10. "Ghost Town"
11. "Star Sequins"
12. "Elves Of The Tryptamine"
13. "Alcohol, PCP, And $$$"
14. "Magic America"
15. "Ping Pong Follies"
16. "Man"
17. "Land Ho!"
18. "Discoteque Down"
19. "Sissymeat Mystery Mix"
20. "Mescaline Overcoat"

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