Various Artists What You Hear Today, You'll Be Singing Tomorrow - Fieberkurve Compilation vol. 4

Format: CD
Label: Firestation Tower
Price: $10.25
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Description: 19 song pop compilation featuring Elegant, Brideshead, Blochin 81, Wow And Flatter, Lobsters Lost In Space, Pancake Day, Monostars, Soap, Planet 9, Malory, etc.

Track listing:
1. Monostars: "Keine Schonheit"
2. Brideshead: "Shampoo Bubble"
3. Luma: "Uber Solche Sachen"
4. Soap: "Swine"
5. Intershop: "My Plastic"
6. Planet 9: "Speech"
7. Lovit: "Alright"
8. Blochin 81: "Older And Wiser"
9. Wow And Flatter: "Easy Life"
10. Mauerblumchen Brie: "Mauerblumchen Brie"
11. Mrs. Wallace: "Crack"
12. Malory: "Worry About Something"
13. Phoenix Asteroiden: "Sternenstaub"
14. Pancake Day: "Waterfalls"
15. Damp 2000: "Drin"
16. Elegant: "Blindganger"
17. Stutter: "Keks"
18. Der Heitere Himmel: "Brodel"
19. Lobsters Lost In Space: "Hole In My Sky"

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